25 August 2010

i'm way low on my protein intake

i was having a lunch with a co-worker yesterday, discussing nutrition. he asserted that most people actually eat less protein than they need. naturally, i asked how much protein i should be eating.

"you should be eating half your body weight."

"really? over what time period?"

he seemed thrown by this question, as the answer was obvious: "every day."

i agreed that, by that measure, i am certainly low on my protein intake. i suggested that may be a bit high, but he insisted this was the case.

i finally brought out some real numbers: "so you're saying that every day i should be eating some 85 pounds of protein."

"what? no! 85 grams".

oh, my mistake.


pyker said...

So the rule is you should eat 1/909th of your body weight in protein each day?

zim said...

1/909th is indeed more catchy, easier to remember, and easier to calculate.

Rick said...

John Lennon and Paul McCartney were know to eat the one after 909th of their body mass in protein daily.

JustJoeP said...

you guys keeeel me!