08 August 2010

if you're not exercising, you're not doing Atkins

that's paraphrased from the man himself, and it's reason #1 that what i'm doing isn't Atkins.

(i should be doing some weight training, i admit, but after a 9-10 hour workday, where dinner ends up being somewhere between 9-10pm, i'm not particularly keen to spend an extra hour in the office building)

i haven't read the Atkins books, but from their site, i also find these differences:

1. Atkins de-emphasizes saturated fat, whereas i'm not phobic of it
2. Atkins emphasizes lean meats, whereas i'm perfectly happy with fatty meats, and not trimming the fat
3. Atkins recommends soy at the same level as the lean meats, whereas i will only very occasionally have tofu, and that's a small amount in miso soup
4. Atkins allows vegetable oils for cooking, whereas i prefer butter and lard
5. Atkins seems to have little aversion to fruit, whereas i'll eat seasonal fruit in small amounts
6. Atkins allows some grains, whereas i'll have some only when 1) on vacation, or 2) i'm cheating
7. Atkins recommends at most 40% of calories from fat, whereas i'm trying to find ways to eat more fat and less protein
8. Atkins, through their food products, seems to have no aversion whatsoever to engineered foods, whereas i'm eating more and more food bought directly from farmers
9. Atkins does not emphasize the sourcing of the food, whereas i seek out products of grass-fed ruminates, line-caught fish and foraging chickens
10. Atkins recommends low-fat dairy, whereas lately it's been my main method of increasing my percentage of calories from fat
11. Atkins emphasizes fiber, even from sources as soybeans and grains, whereas my body seems perfectly content with what i get from normal servings of vegetables
12. Atkins emphasizes Courtney Thorne-Smith, whereas i've never even met the woman

so, enough significant differences where i should retract my previous statement where i'd simply say "Atkins" to describe the diet. there are still parts of me that want to say that, in full knowledge of the widespread negative opinions and the earful i'll receive about how it's bad for you. otoh, there are parts of the Atkins diet with which i disagree.

perhaps i should simply respond with, "magic."


pyker said...

When you say "Atkins recommends..." you mean current "Atkins Nutritionals", or whatever the company is called now, recommends, right? As opposed to saying "Dr. Atkins had recommended..." I haven't read *his* books, but I'd be surprised if those recommendations are consistent with his original work.

zim said...

yes, that's a good point. aside from the post title, everything was taken/gleaned from atkins.com, which looks to be the current, prominent business unit.

Ame said...

Ok - first off - we are not doing atkin's! I told you that...ages ago. *grin*

Also, I just realized that I can't say paleo/primal - apparently they are different. *sigh* it just makes it harder. So, we are paleo not primal Although, I think that sometimes it is still interchangeable. I just don't think I can eat raw meat.

As for Atkins....the business changed some of Dr. Atkin's focus due to:
1) Atkin's having a heart attack (unlucky that)
2) dying shortly after wards by slipping on ice (how unlucky can one be?)
3)the company having to file for bankruptcy due to the AMA promoting that Dr. Atkin's diet was the reason for his death/heart attack.

Aside from that - people on Atkin's were forcing the company to go "more hard core" (I can't find the info any longer but I know I read that people were upset that they weren't going into ketosis and so Atkin's changed the initial stage to be lower in carbs) and between the employees who worked there taking off to do their own versions of Atkins... well... the whole thing is a bit of a muck about.

here is a pretty good article on Atkin's and the drama (not so much on the diet itself).

hope this comment makes sense...getting sleep and not too coherent.

pyker said...

I always just mean Mark Sisson's style when I saw "primal". I didn't know there was some dude into paleo re-enactment trying to own "primal" as a name. Looks pretty dumb.

JustJoeP said...

"4. Atkins allows vegetable oils for cooking"
ew ew ew!

Yeah, we're definitely not Atkins (in it's current commercial incarnation).

"No grains, high protein" - and along with the protein comes the fat. It's simple and works for me =) "Paleo" sound scary to the uninformed... they'll think you're "de-evolving".

Ame said...

de-evolving..de-constructing... sounds primitive. I'm in. *grin*

I always say that we are going back to traditional eating - no processed foods, no grains, food in season. This of course confuses everyone --- no potato chips? no sodas? what do you eat and drink?

uh. very, very sad. (and this was from a nurse tech at the Dr's a few weeks back!)

JustJoeP said...

yeah... "what do you eat?" - I get asked that alot also, from people with looks of amazement on their faces.

Today it was organic celery (Sprouts) and organic hummus (Fresh and Easy) with a handful of almonds for lunch. Polish Sausage for dinner last night with organic spinach, Gorgonzola, bacon bits, and a light sprinkle of ginger/sesame organic dressing. Not having / needing / wanting breakfast anymore.

Oh, and 5 grams of fish oil a day now. =)