08 May 2010

tripit and Flight Update Pro

though i've known about it for some time, today i finally signed up for tripit, a mobile-friendly site that organizes travel info.

the two cool things about it, for me, are:

  1. you can forward email itineraries to them, and they'll parse out the plans

  2. easy integration with the iPhone app Flight Update Pro

For my upcoming trip to England, I forwarded my AA email, and within minutes that info was on my phone in Flight Update Pro. i've not worked with any other iphone travel app, but when comparing I liked the FUP screens: all the info you need most frequently is easily accessible/readable, it'll show you flight progress, and it even has some quick-send emails like "I have arrived at LHR" and "I am picking up my bags at the baggage claim area", with the ability to include the flight status. Nice touch.

tripit does a whole lot more, which i'll probably never take advantage of, but i certainly appreciate the effortless integration of the flight stuff into the phone. Previously, I would dutifully type that stuff into Notes (never wanted to leave it in an email, and risk having it pushed too far down the stack and off the phone, and deleted from the server [yeah I'm still a POP guy]), and this is a much better solution all round.


pyker said...

Interesting. I tend to put flight notes in my backpack calendar, and sometimes detailed itins in backpack notes. This looks nice. I'm holding out for the next version before I get an iphone, though. Maybe one more month only.

pyker said...

Um, how does tripit make money? They must be doing data-mining and selling info on... to marketing research firms?

zim said...

data mining? no, i think they contract with local home invasion gangs. i'm hiring Macaulay Culkin to watch the house.

Scott said...

Nice post! Thanks!!

As the developer of Flight Update, I can tell you how TripIt makes money.
1. The charge us developers for every unit we sell of our iPhone apps.
2. They sell an upgrade path for their TripIt Pro service. TripIt service is free but they offer a Pro service which carries an annual fee.

Thanks again for the post!

Silverware Software

pyker said...

Ah, interesting. Thks for info, Scott.

zim said...

thanks, Scott!