11 May 2010

it costs me more to come home than it does to go to work

what's up, CTA, with your silly fare structure?

like the Oyster Card, i do appreciate the simplicity of my Chicago Card Plus. but i thought the advantage of buying into the low-personnel-involvement solution was savings passed on to the rider. perhaps not. looking at the fare structure, it's minimal.

further, it costs me $2.25 to get to work, taking a bus first and then a train. the reverse, with the train first, costs me $2.50. i don't understand why the order matters.

the station near my work is next to a bus depot. if i were so inclined, i could leave work, card into a bus, immediately leave the bus and get on the train. my last transfer would be free, so this would save me 25 cents.

how counter-intuitive is that?


Ame said...

wait.. it's usually free for you to get to work. Since, I'm usually driving both our butts to work.

Where is my $2.25?

JustJoeP said...

LOL! Maybe Ame needs to install a card reader on the passenger door?

Ame said...


then I will have to charge more then 2.25, just to recoup the cost of installing a reader.

I'm happier with bye bye kiss anyway.