20 March 2010

a little back patting

i'm about one month away from my first year of Eating Better. labels are always a bit tough here, as the Food Plan doesn't really fall neatly into any already-named category, but loosely what started as something like South Beach has become something like Primal.

i can't argue with any of the results, the standouts being weight and some other lab-measured values.

as a side note, Google docs to the rescue when i needed to convert some spreadsheet data into a chart. after struggling for longer than i care to admit with an ancient copy of Excel (nice chart, but it wouldn't let me scale the y-axis) and AppleWorks (nice min/max on the y-axis, but it kept running the dates along that axis), i spent about 5 minutes in google docs uploading the file and generating a satisfactory chart. huzzah.

update: i uploaded a new chart with all my historical weight data, but due to 1) lack of early data points, 2) a consistent weight for two consecutive days counting as one data point, and 3) not finding any way to tell the chart-generator that the x-axis is time and it should examine the dates and draw the chart accordingly, it's still a bit skewed. maybe the 22nd century will have better software...

finally, i left off the first data point (april 8 2009) as it was a whole month until my next data point, and that may 8 one was an actual weigh-in (the april was a guesstimate).


pyker said...

Wow! That is awesome.

-- said...

Tremendous work! Congratulations

and I'm not just talking about the data presentation.

JustJoeP said...

Congratulations my friend! I hope we are around for the vast majority of this century.

And along with the better numbers, do you also find yourself feeling
- less lethargic / more energetic
- less hungry
- more easily filled by smaller portions
- feeling better, over-all

...or is it just me?

zim said...

@Joe --

yes to all questions, though there is room for improvement. on the weekends, i've fallen into a 2-meal / day pattern, which is perfectly fine by me.

but on the weekdays, i still fall into the "it's time for lunch and finding myself wanting to eat" pattern. it's sometimes even accompanied by actual hunger.