17 May 2009

the gauges

here's a pretty decent shot of the gauges i put in my car. and of the business complex where i work. i think these used to be apartment buildings, but now it's a business park. neatly tucked against I-294 (not pictured), providing a constant 50-80 dB "background" sound with the windows open.


pyker said...

Nice contrast. The designer of the gauges had at least some impulse to improve the overall aesthetics of the world.

zim said...

i would like to point out that that photo, taken near sunset and nearly devoid of cars, is probably one of the most flattering photos ever taken of that office park.

i've already posted a photo of what it looks like i were to turn around there and take another photo -- it's the one of my car just before i took it to get tuned. the wall in the background holds back the earth of 294.

Rick said...

May I be a pedant?


dB is a relative measure. Better, when talking ambient SPL, to append "SPL" to the measurement.

That is all.