17 May 2009

bacon and eggs

i am honing my cheesy eggs recipe. this morning, i first cooked up some high-quality bacon, then drained the excess fat but still left a nice coating in the pan. before putting in the eggs, and off-heat, i threw in a handful of shredded Tillamook cheddar cheese and let that fry up a bit.

then the eggs, with black pepper, cayenne, and hot paprika and stirred. then i repeated these steps until finished (but not overcooked, like so many scrambled eggs in the US):

1. apply heat
2. remove from heat
3. stir

result was good, but i need to fry up the cheese a bit more, and/or use an additional cheese (gruyere?) for more flavor. and maybe a touch of sweet curry to round out the flavor a bit.


pyker said...

Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

yummy. I often chop up the bacon, once served, so that every bite o'eggs includes some delicious pork as well.

Rick said...

Add cilantro!

zim said...

cilantro sounds good. and this morning, we did mix in manchego and spanish chorizo w/ the eggs. yum!

Matt said...

My GF makes the best scrambled eggs - not overcooked like you say. I think she adds a little milk and whips them with a beater.