04 April 2009

Life on Mars -- US version

What a rubbish ending to the series! I wasn't bothered by the Sopranos ending, I thought the Seinfeld ending was genius, but this ending is really kind of insulting.

i've seen only about 1 1/2 episodes of the BBC series, and it seemed much better to me. now having seen a couple episodes of Ashes to Ashes, it seems the BBC series of LoM ended very differently from the US one.

maybe the head writer never really liked the show at all.

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Rick said...

It felt like a kind of joke, I think. I suspect that it was what they had in mind all along, but the rushed conclusion of the series made it feel more ... joke-y.

The BBC series started stronger and ended stronger, but certainly had its dull episodes. That said, it never seemed to lose its way the way that the ABC version did -- it's a creepy sci-fi mystery! it's a 70s cop procedural! it's a cophouse romance! it's ... whaaaa? Loose ends accumulated, were underdeveloped, and generally dangled or were abruptly cut off.


That said, the cast seemed to be having a great time on that spaceship set. And Gretchen Mol was far hotter in her space-girl look than as Annie.