22 February 2009

Rock me, sexy Jesus

Hamlet 2 was mostly enjoyable, though i thought it did better when it was recalling School of Rock, and not so much when it was recalling Waiting for Guffman. Steve Coogan's character was a bit over the top at times, though I suppose I understand the need for it. Catherine Keener was excellent, Melonie Diaz was a revelation, and Elisabeth Shue was perfect every second she was on screen.

Of course, the stage production of Hamlet 2 was near the end of the movie, and it was pretty much hysterical. Worth the wait, I reckon, though I further reckon the wait could easily have been made 10 minutes less. Kudos to whoever wrote the catchy tunes, as I wake this morning, "Rock me, rock me, rock me, sexy Jesus" is still running through my head.

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