06 February 2009

i am a courier

yesterday, i was downtown visiting my financial advisor. when checking in with the security guard, he asked if i was a courier. i am not, and told him so. after getting my entry sticker, i asked him why he asked.

he indicated it was my over-the-shoulder-messenger-type bag.

"is that really it?", i wondered. i certainly didn't look like i worked in the building, what with my jeans, boots and now-ancient Carhartt coat. perhaps it was my knit hat or my partial beard.


in the elevator back down, two women got on. as we neared the lobby, i started putting on my ear guard, hat, gloves, etc. When we exited the elevator, one of the women asked me, "So are you riding your bike today?"

perhaps there's a new career for me.


Rick said...

You were a courier. Once.

I, on the other hand, was a futura.

zim said...

that's right, i was. not the cool, downtown, bike-riding kind, though.