16 November 2008


Number of games played in the NFL before a game ended with a score of 11-10, as the Steelers beat the Chargers this afternoon.

At one point, the Steelers were down "seven to two in the bottom of the second," as described by the color announcer.


As i wrote this, the Steelers kick coverage team (specifically, Troy Polamalu) scored with zero seconds left and the Steelers win by the rather dull score of 17-10. Way to go with the trick kick return, San Diego!

So: 12,838.

The count continues.


After review, the ref called an illegal forward pass on the return, indicated the penalty was declined, and called a Steeler touchdown. Then the extra point team is chased off the field as the ref announces that time has expired and there would be no extra point. THEN the touchdown is taken off the board, since the play was dead with the illegal forward pass. Confusion abounds!

So: 12,837, and our long national wait for an 11-10 final is over!



i had written errantly that polamalu broke up a lateral on the kick return; it was actually on the last play from scrimmage.


it seems that the polamalu touchdown was rescinded in error, as is described here.


pyker said...

NFL is great for prime number scores. I watched some of that game. The interference call that lead immediately to the Chargers' TD was bad. I thought interference was only possible on a "catchable" ball. Is that rule no longer in effect?

True to form, the defense was more excited about getting a safety than if they'd fallen on the ball for a touchdown.

zim said...

i tuned in late and missed the safety. still, i'm glad i caught the crazy ending.

JustJoeP said...

it was WAY better than the Pounding da Bears got Sunday. 3 to 37, you'd have thought the Lions were playing.

I wonder what this post would have looked like if Zim was twittering?