11 March 2013

aaand the cable is coming back

in an hilarious update, comcast has sold me on restoring cable!

instead of $60/mo for (officially) 20 Mbps internet and (officially) no cable TV, we'll be getting 50 Mbps internet for $50/mo -- for a year -- plus a non-DVR basic cable service w/ 6 free months of HBO.

iow, comcast jumped when i mentioned potentially switching to RCN.


pyker said...

Nice deal. Your content delivery setup seems a bit complex still.

zim said...

complex? how do you mean?

let us examine the ways i can stream hulu content:

1. on my phone
2. on my ipad
3. through the roku, using the roku hulu plugin
4. through the roku, using the roku plex plugin
5. through the plex client on the mac mini
6. through the hulu app on the mac mini

if i want to stream Daily Show, i can use any of the above, plus:

1. through Plex, using not hulu but a plex Daily Show channel

when i stream Daily Show, i get an edited version through hulu (which i pay for), and an unedited version through the plex channel (which is free). why/how plex gets free content through its channels, including History, Comedy Central, et. al., i'm not sure.

but with all these choices, you can see un-complex it actually is.

zim said...

holy cow. with the new router and service upgrade, i'm getting 55 Mbps down and 11 up -- over wireless.

it's like i'm in a country that isn't the US.

pyker said...

That is decidedly unamerican.