10 September 2011

traveling light

this was the lightest i've packed for a (nearly) 2 week trip, taking only my MEI* purple backpack.

i normally take a slightly larger Kelty backpack -- main body is about the same size, but it has a couple wings. the difference is enough where i can reasonably carry-on the MEI, but no the Kelty.

this was an experiment. it mostly worked well, but there was no room to spare. my rain jacket and thicker jumper took up over half the capacity, leaving space for 5 days of clothing (t-shirt, undies, socks), plus light jumper, dress shirt, hat, phrase books, novel, iphone charger, small camera, maps and toiletries. i wore a single pair of pants and single pair of shoes.

next time, i'll likely return to the Kelty.

* i bought the excellent MEI many years ago (15? more?) from Uncle Dan's. then they seemed to drop off the face of the earth. i found that they still exist ( http://www.meipacks.com/ ) and sell online. they have a lifetime warranty, and repaired mine (the straps were coming off) for only the cost of shipping it to them.

if i ever need a new pack with the form factor and size they now offer, i might fly to san francisco and try it out.

this photo was taken in Copenhagen, during a layover (gf and i went to the city since the layover was 4 hours).

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JustJoeP said...

Traveling light can be liberating. Trac and I just finished a week in the convertible where I had to pack the tiny trunk with two small rolling suitcases, car emergency kit (jumper cables, flares, hat, multitool, etc), and the back seat with cooler, canvas food / snack bag, and Trac's cosmetical-type-o-stuff bag, as well as yoga mat. We had to pack for desert, high desert, and 9K mountains, so that made the challenge more interesting. All in all, we took too much. Kelty makes some good gear.

Glad you got back safely, and now you know the limit as space-->minimized. =)