10 March 2011

the ideology of dogs

Shelley Boyle says having a vegan food option for her dog, Cleo, allows them to share the same ideology.

oy, ve.

can we get a quote from the dog, please?


Swayframe said...

That kind of thing really annoys me. At least she doesn't own a cat.

pyker said...

I wonder what aspects of her dog's ideology she's adopted. Sharing your cat's ideology might be easier: naps good.

pyker said...

This inspired me to re-read hyperlipid's thoroughly enjoyable post on diabetic dogs.

JustJoeP said...

Quote from the dog: "Woof, where's my protein? See, I have these large sharp teeth, they're even named after my genus, 'canines', so what elusive, evasive, highly mobile plant were these sharp canines designed to render? Woof?"