26 October 2010

costco, item of interest #2

must fruit continually get larger? this does not look appetizing to me, it just makes me feel that the growers 1) concentrate on embiggening fruit without regard to taste or health, and 2) believe size is all that matters to consumers.

i like to think that a piece of a particular kind of fruit has a fixed amount of flavor, and that flavor is distributed throughout the fruit. strawberries larger than golfballs is where i obtained this theory (oh Driscoll, i shall never buy produce from you again).

when will the madness end? and where can i find a watermelon the size of volkswagen?

that was rhetorical. the answer is, of course, Costco.


JustJoeP said...

see at COSTCO's shipping dock: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3020/2647214176_e63f16f333_m.jpg

pyker said...

Do they sell small apples in the US anymore?

zim said...

no, those went off the market about the same time McDonald's did away with the small-size drink.