23 September 2010

25th percentile

for the 2nd time, i had my doctor order an NMR lipo profile to ensure that my small LDL particles were indeed increasing in size (they are).

the results of the 2nd test, which i received today (and from a different lab than the first), had a summary measure of all the other numbers they measured. this overall rating put me in the 25th percentile on the scale of "insulin sensitive" to "insulin resistant" (where i was closer to sensitive).

i don't know if it's age-adjusted, but regardless, i'm pleased with the position. i'll chalk it up to eating more fat and less sugar, wheat and other grains.

i feel comfortable not getting my cholesterol measured for a long while.

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JustJoeP said...

Congratulations! I am seeing similar results here, personally as well. Good stuff!