13 February 2010

National Automatic Garage Door Awareness Week

I'm declaring it such after spending a week opening/closing the damn thing myself. having a working automatic garage door is a minor thing in the overall scheme of things, but damn is it a nice daily convenience.

props to the gf for calling around for estimates ($300-400 to replace an opener?!?) until she got someone on the phone who not only correctly diagnosed the issue over the phone, but charged a fraction of the other estimates to do the repair (worn gears, plus they replaced bushings, lubed everything, and did a bunch of other stuff i can't recall).

Here's hoping my 14 year-old opener goes another 14 years. and kudos to Liftmaster for making an easily-repairable product with a long MTBF, even if that failure was during the middle of winter.


JustJoeP said...

I've got a Liftmaster in Phoenix. It's a good product. Overhead Door is sort of the cheap 'chevy' and not so robust. Our Bloomington Overhead Door failed after 3 years, and the entry safety brackets for OHD were flimsy. The Liftmaster hardware is robust, easily adjusted, good stuff.

JustJoeP said...

...and I agree, the 'quality of life' aspect of a well functioning garage door, is invaluable. Rain, snow, convenience... it's sweet. =)