19 October 2008

freezing the kicker

does this ever work in the NFL? if that timeout is called every time, don't the kickers expect that they'll have an extra minute or two? perhaps it would be better to *not* "freeze them" and catch them off guard by letting them kick the first time they line up.

case in point, i just watched Jay Feely of the Jets make a 52-yarder with seconds left after missing the first. why did he get a second shot? the Raider's coach tried to "freeze him" by calling a timeout at the last second. He got it in in time, but the non-kick proceeded. Looks like "freezing the kicker" actually backfired here.

also, i want to see a team run the option.

update: well, the Raiders won in OT with a franchise-record 57 yard FG. the Jets did *not* freeze the kicker. then again, they were out of timeouts, so no mystery for the Raider's kicker there.


pyker said...

I HATE the kicker freeze. The gods of football should have made oakland lose entirely for that. I think coaches should be fined by the league every time they call and "ice the kicker" timeout.

zim said...

the kicker should get a free shot at the coach. from 20 yards or so.