07 September 2008

a victory in comfortable and presentable shoes?

i bought two pairs of shoes yesterday, while out to replace my venerable and much-loved ecco walking shoes. first, i bought another pair of ecco's, more light-hiker-like than walking-shoe-like. so far, comfortable and i'm bullish on the longterm use.

i also ran across a pair of Simple Planetwalkers, which i'd never heard of. what I got can be seen here, and so far i'm quite impressed. it's rather difficult for me to find shoes that i can wear/walk-in all day long w/o suffering horrible foot pain. the aforementioned venerable ecco's are the 2nd best pair i've had in that regard. but these Planetwalkers are by far the most comfortable shoes i have that i can reasonably wear to a semi-fancy restaurant.

so i'm bullish on these, as well. and they're apparently quite eco-friendly. bamboo insoles! hurray!

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JustJoeP said...

life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes (for long periods of time), prepare food with dull knives, drink bad wine, or listen to elderly relatives' diatribes about their health problems or a litany of friends who have died.